Nail Salon Software

Crafting the perfect nail design for your clients takes time, and as a nail salon owner you’d want to free up as much time to dedicate towards keeping your customers happy – and not on countless admin tasks.

Like with many other business owners, you’d have wondered to yourself ‘How can I do more in less time and grow my business?’

The solution is to incorporate a reputable, efficient, and well-designed management software system. Konnect’s Spa and Salon Software handles all the behind-the-scenes tasks like appointment setting, reminder sending, and inventory management (as well as many more), so you’ll get optimal results out of every second of your time spent using it.

Konnect Spa and Salon Software is Australian-owned and have been serving happy Australian business owners with their various administration tasks –
You can be rest assured everything is taken care of, including: staff and stock management, online bookings, marketing, accounting integration and more.

Nail Salon Management Software

Making sure all your nail salon’s business tasks are taken care of can be overwhelming at times. With Konnect’s Spa and Salon Software, your stress levels will always be under control knowing all your time-consuming admin tasks are effectively and consistently handled. Just some of the many features our happy customers use include:


  • Sending reminders to customers prior to their appointments
  • Setting and monitoring bookings
  • Client cards that record customer details


  • Manage multi-site nail salons
  • Option to transfer data to other systems
  • Mobile application to work remotely


  • Online email and phone support
  • Included effective marketing tools
  • Integration of accounting software
  • POS system

Work from your fingertips anytime and anywhere –
Konnect Spa and Salon Software is accessible online on your computer, from your iPad, and even on your mobile phone via a user-friendly mobile application.

Nail Salon Appointment Software

Allowing your customers to set appointments in a way that is effortless and flexible to their busy lifestyles is exactly what you’d strive for when it comes to growing your nail salon business. When things get busy, phone calls can be missed, meaning a lost opportunity to showcase your excellent nail salon services to a (potentially long-term) customer. To make things worse, this could lead to last minute walk-ins at the busiest times of the day, giving no option for your customers but to simply leave and find another nail salon to go to.

These costly business mistakes can be avoidable. Konnect’s Spa and Salon Software can be tailored to your individual nail salon’s business needs, and essentially free up your time so you can be working on your nail salon, instead of being stuck in it.

Take advantage of our free trial to see how Konnect Spa and Salon Software can help grow your nail salon business. Call us today at 1300 887 086