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Using a software management system that takes care of time-consuming tasks can do wonders for your hair salon business. When things get busy, you need to start prioritising the more important aspects of running a salon– like ensuring your customers walk out the door with a big smile to go with their fresh new look. Time spent with bookings, scheduling appointments, handling the POS system, and on many other tasks can be instantly reduced with the best spa/hair salon management software. Not only will you have peace of mind that all the nitty gritty admin tasks are taken care of, but you’ll experience a whole new level of freedom that you never thought you could have as a hair salon owner.

Taking care of the day-to-day admin tasks can be a breeze with Konnect Spa and Salon software. Navigate effortlessly through our software features from your fingertips via computer, ipad, and even through our convenient mobile app

Hair Salon Management Software

Konnect Spa and Salon management software ensures all business needs of running your hair salon are met. Just some of the software program features Konnect customers love to use include:

  • Managing bookings
  • Sending reminders to prevent no-shows
  • An efficient POS (point of sale) system
  • Staff management system including creating rosters
  • Integrated accounting software
  • Client cards to keep updated with client details
  • The best marketing tools
  • Mobile application to facilitate easy access for salon owners/managers
  • Reporting system to understand and gain more control over your business
  • Multi-site management for salons with several locations
  • Phone and online email support
  • Data migration to different data systems

Konnect Spa and Salon software is Australian-owned, guarantees competitive product pricing to ensure our customers are getting the absolute best value for their money. Keeping busy is made easy; and with happy clients, there’s a happy you.

Hair Salon Appointment Software

You’ll never know of the joy and satisfaction in using a reliable software management system until you try Konnect Spa and Salon software. You can start with a free trial to see how easily you can schedule appointments, online bookings, use the POS system, integrate accounting software, and more. If you decide that Konnect is right for your business, then simply subscribe to gain full-access. Our fantastic team of technicians will then take care of the set-up process to cater to your individual salon needs. For any hiccups that may possibly come up, our technicians will take care of them to the best standard you’d expect.

“As we were a brand-new salon without previous business experience, Konnect made it very easy and affordable to start out appointment systems and databases. We are staying with Konnect in the future”

Julie, YOLO Hair Design – Virginia, QLD

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