Barber Software

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed with the amount of admin work to run your barber shop, it’s finally time to invest in a reliable software management program. Implementing such a system can be one of the best business decisions you can make. Tedious admin tasks like scheduling appointments, bookings, and operating the POS system can significantly free up your time, allowing you and your staff of talented cutters to focus more on ensuring customers get the haircuts they’re after.

Manage all your barber shop admin duties right from your fingertips at anytime and anywhere – whether be from the computer, an iPad, or through our mobile app. The features of our software enable you to schedule appointments, seamlessly integrate accounting software, and respond to online enquiries – just to name a few.

Barber Shop Management Software

Konnect Spa and Salon software is an all-round solution to the long list of admin duties that every barber shop owner need taking care of. Our customers love how simple it is to use our software features, which includes:

  • Scheduling bookings
  • Sending reminders to customers for upcoming appointments
  • Easy-to-use POS (point of sale) system
  • Client cards
  • Phone and online email support
  • Leading marketing tools to grow your barber shop
  • Mobile application to enable remote access for barber shop owners
  • Reporting system that can assist with business decisions
  • Multi-site management for barbers in multiple locations
  • Integrated accounting software
  • Data transfers to different data systems
  • Staff management tasks including roster creation

As an Australian-owned business, Konnect Spa and Salon software aims to offer prices at a competitive rate, so owners like yourself can dedicate more time in becoming the go-to hair cutter in your area.

Barber Shop Appointment Software

It’s clear by now how beneficial it can be to install management software into a busy business like a barber shop. At Konnect, we offer a free trial, so you can test out our Spa and Salon software’s features. Some of which include appointment setting, scheduling, online bookings, accounting, marketing tools, sending customer reminders, and more. Once your happy with the product, you can subscribe to our services to gain full access to all the features. Don’t worry, our team of technicians will help with the set-up process and are always ready to handle any issues that may possibly come up – so getting Konnect’s management system up and running will be no hassle at all.

“Using this system has helped me manage forward bookings, ensure staff are fully booked, reduce no shows, and importantly, helped me engage with clients we have not seen for a while.”

Linda, Total Body Hair Removal – Canberra, ACT

Try a free trial today to see how Konnect Spa and Salon software can better manage your barber shop. Call us today at 1300 887 086